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Private Counseling and Life Coaching

This is the most important part of the whole MindScience Institute – where we help people and where we put all our knowledge into practice.

It is now possible to hold a personal consultation over the web. It is great to be face to face, but it is not always possible.This is a situation where the internet really helps to bring us together! Make an appointment or ask for more information at [email protected] or sign up in the right column.

Face to face connections are made at The Davis Health Centre, Gordon in the northern suburbs of Sydney. Appointments can be made by email – [email protected] or by calling the clinic on (02) 9498 1997.

Richard follows a solution oriented, positive psychology approach. Many people are familiar with those terms now. More specifically Richard applies a curiosity oriented approach that is constantly seeking to create new possibilities and some kind of beneficial change.

Many different techniques are used. It all depends on what suits the situation best. There are many tags, like cognitive behavioral therapy, person centered, gestaldt, imagery, metaphor, art therapy, sand therapy and just plain talk therapy. The right approach is the one that works for you. If I can’t manage the right approach then we will find someone who can.

We can always find something make any situation a little better – if we put our minds to it.

Our logo is just how it feels inside our head sometimes. Working with someone is how we turn question marks into something that makes our life even better. Aren’t you curios to find out how that might work? Make the first step and say ‘g’day’. The rest of it can flow from there.

[email protected]

(02) 9498 1997 (Sydney, Australia Country Code - 61)

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