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MindScience Study Groups (only 5-10 per group)

Welcome to this exciting new program:

Live personal discussions
with Richard Hill

Enquiries and further details - [email protected] .

It has taken a little longer than I expected, but I can now announce the start of one of the most important elements of the MindScience Institute - Study Groups

    There will be 2 Study Groups: Sunday at 730pm OR Monday at 7.30pm AEST(Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)

    First session is: Sunday August 19 OR Monday August 20.

    Secure your place by paying for the first session in the E-shop

Register for the first session asap: Simply pay for the first session in the E-shop and confirm whether you are attending the Sunday or Monday session by email.
Email: [email protected]

Feel free to view this short recording of the demonstration session by clicking on the image:

You will need a computer, internet connection, microphone and preferably a web-camera, although a camera is not essential.

  • Small and personal groups - min 5 (max 10)
  • Live interaction between all members of the group
  • Meetings once a month for around 2 hours
  • Reasonable cost of $55 per person per session for 5 people. (Less for 6-10 - See below)
  • Program has 4 main objectives: Background knowledge - new research - practical application - discussion of your personal insights and ideas.

As you can see, there are only 6 computers that are able to participate - that means 5 plus mine. If, however, more than one person can be at a computer, then we can increase the number of participants. The maximum will be 10. Costs per person per session will reduce for each extra person:
  •   5 people -  $55
  •   6 people -  $50
  •   7 people -  $45
  •   8 people -  $40
  •   9 people -  $35
  • 10 people -  $30

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