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MindScience Webinars

We are all becoming very familiar with webinars now. This is like a conference, but you can enjoy the presentations from you own home.

Iím a great believer in going to conferences and enjoying the personal contact, but we just canít travel all the time. Webinars bring experts that you might never be able to access and topics that you might never be able to investigate right into your own home.

MindScience will be looking to our good friends throughout the world to present some of the most interesting and exciting developments in the MindScience field Ė and the field is as broad as your mind can imagine.

Often a webinar series will be preceded by a MindScience TV program so will know about the subject and some of the presenters to help you decide whether to commit to a webinars. You will also be able to convince us to create webinars following a MindScience TV program with your emails and enthusiasm.

We look forward to bringing you the very best and the most fascinating from around the world. There are so many cultures that can teach their unique perspective. I have been fortunate to speak at conferences in Australasia, Asia, Europe, throughout the Commonwealth and in the US. The MindScience Institute looks forward to sharing some of that amazing diversity with you and your colleagues and your friends.

Show your interest by signing up in the right column or send a private message to me at [email protected] Looking forward to hearing from you!

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