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About the MindScience Institute.

The MindScience Institute has been set up to act as a networking hub for the wide array of activity occurring in the world. Based in Australia, it is hoped that pathways will be opened between my many friends and associates in the USA into the Asian region, the East and into Europe and back again. There are so many interesting and varied points of view and perspectives that are generated not only through styles of practice, but also cultural background. The MindScience Institute will look to provide education and information, but also share and link with the excellent programs and teaching already underway. The time is now ripe to translate and even transform the avalanche of information about the mind and brain and the interactions within the body and now the activity of our genes into the practice of health and healing. We can take practice into a new and, I’m sure, better place.

My name is Richard Hill and I became fascinated by the science of the brain and mind after attending workshops by Daniel Siegel, Lou Cozolino and Ernest Rossi. I have been a student of human behaviour and the activities of the mind for many years before that. As a professional actor for the first 20 years of my career, a felt sense of being human and the art of truly ‘getting into someone else’s shoes’ was the central focus of my life. The transition into counseling and psychotherapy seemed reasonable. After all, I had played Hamlet and so I knew from the inside out what it was to have a few mental health issues. I was very fortunate to make a connection to the very people who had inspired me, receiving valuable mentorship and developing a warm friendship, especially with the extraordinary visionary Ernest Rossi, PhD. private practice at The Davis Health Centre in Sydney, Australia developed along with a number of opportunities to speak on the international stage. In addition to my commitments in Australia, I have been fortunate to speak in many places, such as The Netherlands, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bosnia-Hetzegovina and quite regularly in the US.

The idea for the MindScience Institute has been gestating patiently for several years. Now, the web has developed to such an extent that I can sit in front of a camera in Sydney and talk to people all over Australia and all over the world. The time to begin that phase has come and this blog is the first of many interactions with the world. Study groups and webinars are on the way. MindScience TV will bring conversations with experts from around the globe into the easy access of everyone with a computer. There are so many stories to tell and be told. The MindScience Institute will be proud to help in spreading the news, sharing the information and becoming a networking hub.

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